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Ultra-violet gray water treatment

The gray water treatment system developed by One Nature is a versatile and compact system, designed to meet the needs required by Brazilian legislation.

GRAY1® is the perfect solution when the ship or platform already has a system to treat blackwater within IMO standards, but needs an extra effluent load. GRAY1 can be installed together with the current effluent treatment, increasing the total treatment capacity.

Modular or skid system with treatment capacity of up to 110 thousand liters per day.

The gray water treatment system developed by One Nature can be in a single skid or in modules, and can be adjusted to the need for space on site. In addition, it is a compact system, easy to operate and maintain, with colored HMI in Portuguese.

The system uses UV lamp treatment technology, without chemical injection. Ultra-violet technology allows effective sterilization of effluent quickly and directly.

sistema de tratamento Águas Cinzas.png
  • Compact

  • No chemical injection

  • Automatic

  • Reliable

  • Robust

Operation Model
Collection, UV treatment and disposal to sea
Treatment Capacity
5,000 to 110,000 L/day
POB (indication)
25 to 250 people (gray water only)
Discard Flow
6.0 m3/h
Fat Box (Optional)
Suitable for disposal of kitchen water
Collection Tank
0.5 to 1.5 m3
Electrical Requirements
440V, 60Hz, 3ph, 2.5KVA
PLC and HMI, Magnetic FIT, UV with auto-cleaner
Available Material
ASTM A36 Structure, Control Panel AISI 316 IP66,
AISI 316 Pumps, AISI 316 Filters, AISI 316 UV
Designed on demand according to need

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