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Construção industrial


Our solution serves companies that need a qualified representation to serve their customers.

"Cuidamos de tudo para
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- Fat Test

- Guarantee

- startup

- Surveys


- Increase of POB in sewage treatment systems

- Technology replacement

Equipment Inspection

- Fault Diagnostics

- Issuance of Reports and Reports

Effluent Monitoring

- Collection and periodic analysis of the quality of effluents

- Reports and Reports for CONAMA and IBAMA

After Sales

- Spare parts

- Inspections

- Technical Analysis

Hypochlorite Cell Repair

- Replacement of anodes and cathodes

- Chemical cleaning

- Technology change

- Functional tests

- Reports and Reports

Oil Monitor Calibration

- Periodic calibration of the Oily Content Monitor

- Functional analysis

- performance tuning


- Preventive

- Emergency

- General repairs

- Retrofits and updates


- Operation and Maintenance training on all equipment

Drinking Water Risk Management

- Periodic analysis of water quality

- Compliance Report

- Potability control and monitoring

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