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One Nature now offers reverse osmosis equipment rentals to help customers meet short-term demands and unexpected situations. Equipment rentals can complement your business in many ways. Equipment ranges from 9 GPM to 40 GPM.

Our rental service options include:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

  • Emergency rental (estimated same day - 24 hour return)

  • Short term rental and long term rental

  • Membrane options

  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment options available

  • Storage tanks and distribution equipment available

  • Installation and start-up service teams available

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RO systems can be used ​​ in many applications.

Temp Installation While Replacing Or Installing New System

Some times installing new equipment requires the existing system to be taken off line. That is where RO Rental Fleet can help. Our RO Rental equipment can be installed while your existing system is replaced or repaired.

Existing System Goes Down – Emergency RO Rental

Lets face it sometimes the unexpected happens and your RO System goes down. Trying to get a new system or replacement parts for repair cannot happen quick enough and you can’t afford to be down. One Nature RO Rental Equipment can be provided quickly. Also One Nature has a highly trained service team to get your system up and running.

Temporary / Short Term Project

Do you have a short term project coming up that requires Reverse Osmosis Equipment? One Nature RO Rental Equipment maybe just the perfect fit for you. Why spend thousands of dollars on new or used equipment to purchase only to have to dispose of it at the end of your project? One Nature Rental Reverse Osmosis Systems could be a cost effective option. One Nature can come out and set the system up and tear down when the project is complete. Thus reducing the time you would need to acquire, set up and dispose of when your project is complete.

Process Applications – Pilot Study

Do you have a pilot study or trial that you want to see whether Reverse Osmosis is the right solution for your application? Renting a RO System could be a great way to run your pilot study. Our RO Systems are equipped with 4″ x 40″ housing and can accept a wide range of UF, Nano & RO Membranes, truly making it a versatile piece of equipment for filtration, concentrating and purifying.

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